Gajah - Breakfast Shoplift feat. Myk Mansun

Back in 2009 Gajah released his LP, Missleaneous on Subtitle’s label Briefcase Rockers. Although some time has past since the release of the LP, his appetite for pleasing the fans has not diminished. Eye Level Productions and ALR are happy to deliver a meal of the audio/visual sorts. Producers Daniel Anthony, Neo Judahs, and Gajah will be your chefs as they serve up a full course, so get your plates ready and let the feast begin. 

Eye Level Pictures [Video Producer], Daniel Anthony [Video Director], Nicky Sims [Editor], Uri Ruffin [Director of Photography], Humberto Delgadillo [Animation], Jason Haberman [Colorist & Visual Fx’s], Chris A. Perez [Writer], Neo. Judas [Track Producer]
(C) 2012 Eye Level Pictures

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