Hoping you will all consider marching tomorrow against the corporate giant, Monsanto. If you’re from the Houston - Pearland/Friendswood area, you may be familiar with the Brio Superfund Site on Dixie Farm Rd. (hence the origin of the band name, Briokids Recordings). For more than three decades, Monsanto, Amoco, and Arco dumped toxic sludge containing copper, vinyl chloride, trichloroethane, fluorene, styrene, ethylbenzene, toluene, benzene among other chemicals at the Brio Refining Site, where it was eventually detected in the air & groundwater around the neighborhood of Southbend. After women in the area started reporting birth defects (particularly reproductive and heart problems), the EPA investigated and listed Brio and Dixie sites on the nation’s worst hazardous-waste sites. Six companies that used the site to dispose of wastes settled with the families. The largest amount, $39 million, came from Monsanto Co., which had sent the most toxic chemicals to the site for burial in unlined holes in the ground. Be wary…they are responsible for much more than the food you eat. 11 active toxic superfund sites, Agent Orange, DDT, PCBs, recombinant bovine somatotropin, chemical disasters, and genetically modified plant cells are among just some of the dark milestones belonging to this giant corporate juggernaut (and let’s not forget their ever-revolving door with the government). If you’re interested in joining the march tomorrow, the link below will tell you where you can find one in your area. http://www.march-against-monsanto.com/p/blog-page.html

I had the privilege of meeting artist Jonas Never today on my stroll through Venice Beach.  Never is best known for his massive mural ‘Touch of Venice’, which pays homage to Orson Welles’ classic ‘Touch of Evil’ & most recently a strapping 3-story Arnold Schwarzenegger portrait in Muscle Beach.  Jonas was nice enough to let me chill & take a few pics of his  upcoming installation and I must to say…it is a beast!  A ~12-foot black & grey Easy Rider mural featuring Dennis Hopper on his chopper.  Oh yeah…did I mention he’s painting this free-hand?

It was a perfect day for CicLAvia in Los Angeles.  A refreshing 78 degrees and a 15-mile car-free route allowed tens of thousands of Angelenos to ditch their cars and hop on their bikes today to take part in the 6th CicLAvia event.  From downtown to Venice Beach, travelers were encouraged to ride any wheeled contraption, from unicycles to rollerblades, as long as it was not an automobile.  If you missed it this time, have no fear, there will be two more CicLAvia events this year on June 23 and Oct. 6.  For more information, visit www.ciclavia.org.